Exercise Physiologist High Performance Program

Our Exercise Physiologist High Performance program comprises many facets throughout the process that focuses on aiming towards the athlete’s main goals.

Are you an athlete looking to step up your performance in your sport?

Did you want to optimise your athletic capabilities and have a competitive edge against your competitors?

You might be interested in our strength and conditioning services at Unique Physio. These services are led by exercise physiologists who are highly skilled in improving the performances of athletes through utilising the principles of sport science. Exercise Physiologists hold a 4-year allied health degree that focuses on the main units of anatomy, biomechanics, sports psychology, exercise prescription and injury rehabilitation.
For more information about our High Performance Program, please contact Unique Physio on 02 9709 2803 or make a booking here.

What would be involved?

The athlete program comprises many facets throughout the process that focuses on aiming towards the athlete’s main goals. These processes include:

Baseline testing and measurement

Without an investigation of the athlete’s current skill set and physical capacities, it will be difficult to find a starting point. We ensure an in-depth physical assessment is conducted to highlight any strengths and weaknesses that the athlete possesses. The testing will help accurately inform the exercise prescription and programming which enables a very targeted approach to athlete care.

Exercise prescription
Our exercise physiologists are professionals in prescribing movement to help support an athlete’s goals in their chosen sport. The exercise program will encompass different areas to enhance general capabilities including:

  • Aerobic fitness
  • Maximal strength
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Power
  • Flexibility

Depending on the physical components of your sport, our exercise physiologists would provide a program to enhance those qualities to make you a well-rounded athlete.

Ongoing monitoring

The support that you will receive will always be ongoing and it will factor in changes in health status, goals, and time of the year (i.e. in competition or off season).

You will receive guidance in how to manage your training program outside of the facility so you can learn to be more autonomous with your preparation.

Our exercise physiologists believe in effective communication between all professionals involved in your care. Consistent dialogue between sports coaches and other treating providers (such as physiotherapy) is fundamental in ensuring that we are moving towards a similar direction.

Ongoing monitoring involves constant re-assessment through certain timepoints in the training plan. This is crucial in ensuring that what the athlete is doing is actually working for them. The re-assessments allow us to reconfigure the training plan if that is required.

What does our coaching in high performance look like?

We only provide 1-on-1 strength and conditioning services to ensure that you are provided with the most detailed level of care.
With the 1-on-1 consultations, you will be provided with a physical assessment, training instructions, new lifting skills, load programming, injury management and general nutrition advice.
This process is not about “quick fixes”. We will work with you very diligently throughout the year and ensure that you are able to enhance your athletic development in the long-term.

The advantages of working with us

Our exercise physiologists have the lived experience of what it is like being an athlete. The mental and physical challenges of year-round training, competition, balancing life commitments, and the pressures to perform are not new to us. We can empathise with you regarding these stressors and ensure that we implement strategies so you can better manage them.

We also have in-house physiotherapy and dietetics consulting. This ensures that injury and nutrition needs can all be met under the one roof. We highly value holistic preparation across all of your sporting commitment, and this would not be missed at Unique Physio.

Who can we help in this program?

  • High performing athletes. The athlete who is devoted to their sport and is looking for a coach to work alongside them throughout their competition endeavours.
  • Fitness enthusiasts. This person is also a high performer in their training but doesn’t necessarily engage in sports competition. They will find great benefit in learning about scientific programming, new lifting skills and accountability to help enhance their confidence in their own training. One common example of this is a young adolescent athlete who has been going to the gym for a few months but needs some help with figuring out how to gain muscle mass. It might also be a gym goer who is learning to do a pull up for the first time but is confused about finding a starting point.
  • People who are new to training. It is always a great idea to work alongside an experienced coach when picking up training for the first time. An experienced coach will help you navigate new waters and do most of the thinking for you in the early stages. This would save you time and energy and ensure that your first few steps put you in the right direction.
  • People looking for technique checks. These coaching sessions would be invaluable for the athlete looking to have a second eye on their lifting or running technique. It is important to have adequate biomechanics when performing a complex task so it can be more efficiently executed. With the sport of powerlifting on the rise, our exercise physiologists can help you assess your technique with the squat, bench press and deadlift.

If you are still thinking about whether this is the right service for you, you are welcome to have a free initial assessment with one of our exercise physiologists. They will be able to assess some of your goals and discuss how your training needs can be met. For information, please contact Unique Physio on 02 9709 2803 or make a booking here.

Pilates for seniors at Unique Physio Bankstown.

Exercise Physiologist High Performance Program FAQs


Q: How do I know if this program can help me?

A: This program would benefit the majority of people. If you are involved in sports or you simply want to improve qualities such as speed, strength, muscle mass or agility, then you will find this coaching service quite useful.


Q: What would an initial assessment involve?

A: The initial assessment will involve some history taking so the exercise physiologist is aware of your context. Things like sporting background, performance goals, previous or current injuries and exercise schedule will be discussed. A physical assessment will then be performed to evaluate certain physical parameters such as muscle mass, muscle strength, speed, range of motion and running technique.


Q: What happens if I am unsure if this will help me?

A: That is totally okay! Sometimes we will never be 100% sure if something will work for us. A free initial assessment can be scheduled with our exercise physiologists to discuss any concerns or burning questions that you might have regarding the program.


Q: Would engaging in strength and conditioning disrupt my sport?

A: The sport that you play is always a main priority. The strength and conditioning program will always attempt to enhance your performance in the sport you play. Exercise physiologists are highly skilled in load planning, and they will ensure that you are adequately recovered to perform at your highest level.


Q: Would weight training slow me down if I am a runner?

A: Sometimes runners get concerned if they add weight training into their running routine. Weight training won’t slow you down. Proper strength training will help you generate more power and assist with your running efficiency.


Q: How often will we meet?

A: It is recommended for the athlete to meet with their exercise physiologist at least once per week to ensure great consistency and progress in the training program.


Q: What kind of feedback will I receive?

A: The feedback will come in the form of training data and subjective evaluation. Training data related to strength, speed, muscle mass, body composition and aerobic fitness will be provided to the athlete. Other forms of feedback that are related to goal planning, technique changes and training adherence will also be provided.