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Whiplash and other Motor Vehicle injuries

Whiplash associated disorders are commonly the result of motor vehicle or sporting accidents when the head is suddenly jerked back and forth beyond its normal limits. This can lead to significant pain and disability. Natural healing is critical to minimise the potential overuse of painkillers.

At Unique Physio, we do understand everyone is unique and so are we. After accidents such as these, timely and accurate treatment is critical. Our Unique Physio team, trained with the evidence based guidelines from SIRA, will assess your condition and then deliver your unique treatment program, including manual therapy, early mobilisation, and advices on return to suitable activities, aiming to accelerate your recovery and healing. At Unique Physio we will treat and guide you back to normal, pain free movement.

We will collaborate with all stakeholders involved to deliver you the best care and treatment possible.

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Why Choose Unique Physio?

Here at Unique, we treat you, rather than just a diagnosis or body part. Our motto is "What would you do?" It’s a question we’ll ask. We need to know, if you were as fit as you could hope to be, what would you do? Your answer will become your goal. Our goal will then be - to customize a unique treatment and training plan for your whole body, so you can do what you want in the future.

This approach goes beyond the routines we’ve witnessed elsewhere. It’s why we call ourselves Unique. Here – it’s not just about understanding and treating the unique combination of reasons why you are not feeling 100% today. It’s about finding your true source of motivation, and working together on a unique plan for your whole body - so you don’t just get out of pain, but go do what you really want. That’s why we work here.

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