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Clinical Pilates

We’ve been the leading Clinical Pilates practice in the Bankstown community for over 15 years and we’d love to use our expertise to help you!

Most clients start with a One to One (1:1) session before transitioning to group classes.

1:1 Clinical Pilates is a private session that you can book with our qualified physiotherapists. Firstly, we spend time with you to understand your challenges, strengths, weaknesses and goals. Then you will learn your own personalised combination of Pilates exercises with our guidance.

Unique Physio has an ideal combination of world-class Pilates equipment including reformers, weights and bands. At Unique Physio, we do understand everyone is unique and so we are. Under expert supervision, Pilates programs can be tailored to suit everyone from beginners to elite professional athletes.

Pricing & Offers

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Class Timetable

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6pm - 6:40pm - - 6:40 pm - 7:20 pm - 10am - 10:40am

Why Choose Unique Physio?

Here at Unique, we treat you, rather than just a diagnosis or body part. Our motto is "What would you do?" It’s a question we’ll ask. We need to know, if you were as fit as you could hope to be, what would you do? Your answer will become your goal. Our goal will then be - to customize a unique treatment and training plan for your whole body, so you can do what you want in the future.

This approach goes beyond the routines we’ve witnessed elsewhere. It’s why we call ourselves Unique. Here – it’s not just about understanding and treating the unique combination of reasons why you are not feeling 100% today. It’s about finding your true source of motivation, and working together on a unique plan for your whole body - so you don’t just get out of pain, but go do what you really want. That’s why we work here.

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