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Unique Physio was created in response to the common ‘one size fits all’ rigid approaches increasingly found in Australian healthcare. We’re all unique. What works for someone else might not work for you, even someone of identical age and fitness. We’ll listen, we’ll learn about you and apply our decades of experience to your immediate needs and your future goals.

Book your first session and experience the difference. We’ll assess you thoroughly, treat any pain, and then work with you on next steps. Not sure if physio can help? All services priced at physiotherapy rates except massage and exercise physiology. Book in our FREE 1 to 1 Assessment and discuss with our expert physio.

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Unique Physio

Our trusted team has been serving the Bankstown community for 15+ years. Our practice has the skills, world-class education, equipment and experience to assist you on the road to a speedy recovery.

We understand everyone is unique, that’s why our physios treat your conditions individually and tailor the treatment just for you. We believe in the combination of causes for your pain, listening carefully to you and understanding your unique goals is critical to success. Our ultimate goal is to help you get moving pain-free, and get you in great condition, so you can do what you want.

Unique Clinical Pilates

You’re Unique! So why settle for a one size fits all Pilates program? Our physio will provide a thorough assessment, taking into consideration of your strengths, weaknesses and injury history and goals, then guide you through a Unique personalised program built just for you that will deliver results and fill you with energy.

Start with your private 1 to 1 session, learn all the correct techniques and start smashing your goals. Then decide if you prefer the 100% attention from your physiotherapist; or enjoy a bit of socialising and move into the fun environment of our semi-private class. Our classes are capped at 4 people, you will be closely supervised and guided by your physiotherapist, keep progressing on your unique program, and making some friends along the way!

Unique Headaches Treatment

Do you regularly get headaches or migraines? Do you have neck and shoulder tightness or stiffness from poor posture or too much computer use?

Cervicogenic headaches is very common nowadays due to the increased use of computers and phones. Our neck spinal joints and muscles become so tight and stiff, causing the headache. This type of headache can be treated with manual therapy by a skilled physiotherapist. At Unique Physio, we understand how inconvenient and disruptive a severe headache can be - we don’t just merely help to relieve your headaches, we will also give you at-home strategies to minimise the reoccurrence of your headaches. Not sure if your headaches are cervicogenic in nature? Why not book in a free 1 to 1 initial assessment, our physiotherapist will assess your condition and discuss with you!

How we work

At Unique Physio we understand and appreciate your individuality and take an holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Listen & Diagnose

First we’ll listen carefully about your discomfort and thoroughly assess your physical condition. Then we’ll explain our diagnosis and recommendations in simple language you’ll understand.

Support Your Goals

What would you do if you were as fit and healthy as you desire? Yes you want to get out of pain, but perhaps that’s so you can pick up your grandchild. Perhaps you want run a marathon! We’ll partner with you, support your goals with our world-class expertise in human movement, and get you back to the activities you love!

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