Cervicogenic Headaches and how Unique Physio is able to help you

Cervicogenic headaches and how we can helps

Do you regularly suffer from headaches? Did you know not all headaches are the same and may have different causes?

If you suffer from headaches which may be triggered by abnormal movements or postures of your neck, if you press the back of your neck or even from sneezing or coughing you may be experiencing cervicogenic headaches. Cervicogenic headaches are caused by a dysfunction in the neck. If you experience dull pain at the neck and head region, reduced flexibility of your neck, blurred vision in one eye or pain in the shoulders/between the shoulder blades these are also further signs and symptoms of a cervicogenic headache.

Our expert physiotherapists will be able to assess your headache and provide specific and tailored treatment which will assist with reduction of symptoms you may be experiencing. Through a combination of manual therapy, exercise and self-release techniques, your physiotherapist will make sure you are as good as possible when you leave, while also educating you on how to reduce the occurrence of cervicogenic headaches into the foreseeable future.

Do you suffer from headaches? Can you define the type and location of the pain? What about possible triggers? 

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