Exercise physiology and sports performance. What does it look like?

Exercise physiology has a pivotal role in the development of sport skills, training qualities and long-term athletic development. It is advocated for athletes to undertake physical preparation programs to heighten their performance in their chosen sport.

For example, a long jumper who focuses on developing explosive power in the gym (creatively programmed with their skills training) will be able jump a lot further when in competition. This would provide them with a competitive edge against other athletes and provide them with the traits of success.

Health professionals like exercise physiologists have the unique skills of creating a thorough baseline assessment, intervention program and ongoing coaching to optimize the performance of an athlete. An assessment might involve collection of important information related to the athlete’s life context, for example, sporting requirements, work-life schedule, previous injuries and training goals. A physical screening will be conducted to measure relevant characteristics of the sport, such as acceleration, speed, absolute strength, jumping ability, agility and power.

This would assist the exercise physiologist in designing a program that harnesses particular strengths that the athlete possesses and improve upon any weaknesses. The program would ensure to “raise the ceiling” to provide the athlete with the opportunity to execute the task at hand. The training program would be specific to the person’s needs and might be modified over time to accommodate for any changes in health status.

An example would be a rugby league winger who has exceptional speed but has difficulty in breaking through the defense line. A training program might focus on improving whole-body strength to give the player the best shot at breaking the line in crucial moments.

The benefits of strength and conditioning program are endless and can include:

  • Improved overall fitness
  • Reduction of injury risk
  • Increased ability to handle more training
  • Increased enjoyment of training
  • Increased resilience
  • Improved athletic capabilities such as speed and strength

As the competition continues to increase over the years in sport, popularity around strength and conditioning is rising. Unfortunately, talent and sports skills alone might not be enough to elevate your performance. To really be a top tier athlete, it is worth considering the inclusion of a physical preparation program to cultivate attributes of a true performer.

exercise physiologist at unique physio bankstown Hadi

At Unique Physio, our exercise physiologist Hadi is able to collaborate with athletes who are seeking to improve their athletic qualities. Hadi is an athlete himself (400m sprinter) and has a lived experience of the requirements of sporting excellence. Every day he is truly living the reality of balancing an athlete and work life and would love to share his understanding with other athletes who are in a similar position.

Hadi is shown here doing a max deadlift. This is a great exercise to develop lower body strength.

If you are seeking extra support in taking your sporting performance to the next level, feel free to contact us on (02) 9709 2803 or book an initial consultation with our exercise physiologist Hadi.

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