What is an “Exercise Physiologist”?

Many people ask “what is an Exercise Physiologist?”, often thinking the reply would be another name for a Physiotherapist. Well, not exactly! Here’s what you don’t know that could help you get faster results.

What is an Exercise Physiologist, why is it important that they are Accredited?

An Exercise Physiologist, as the name suggests, is a healthcare professional who has studied the physiology of the human body and the effect that exercise has, specifically when it comes to a myriad of diseases, injuries or pain.

There’s a good chance that an Exercise Physiologist is able to help you along your healthcare journey, whatever part of it you may be up to. If you’re struggling with things such as frequent back pain, inability to manage your diabetes, wanting to improve your overall health post surgery or even wanting to improve your sports performance.

These are just a handful of the things an Exercise Physiologist can help with. 

What sort of patients do Exercise Physiologist work with?

So, let’s begin with the types of patients an Exercise Physiologist can work with. Anyone! They are often clients that are the fit and healthy. They just want to get stronger or fitter in a way that is less likely to cause pain or injury.

They often also help people who are living with ongoing health challenges that necessitate optimising limited exercise time, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, mental health issues, metabolic conditions/diseases, musculoskeletal diseases/injuries, neurological diseases and airway diseases.. 

What does exercise physiology focus on?

An Exercise Physiologist will work alongside you to develop goals and outcomes from treatment and prescribe an exercise intervention tailored to you and your current abilities.

A goal may be as simple as wanting to increase your strength, being able to walk to the shops without suffering debilitating back pain and being out of breath, or as complicated as wanting to perform a 60kg dead lift within the next three months as someone who’s never entered a gym before. 

They’ll be your coach – providing you with exercise, education and strategies for the management and betterment of living with your current condition and strategies to be performed independently to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be. 

Book in for a free initial assessment, we’d be happy to discuss your goals and offer advice as to how exercise physiology might help you reach your goals.

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