NDIS and Allied Health: How can Unique Physio help you?

At Unique Physio, we offer allied health services to a variety of people dealing with acute and chronic health conditions. Unique Physio is an NDIS registered provider, meaning that we can provide physiotherapy, exercise physiology and dietetics services to individuals who are agency managed, plan managed and self-managed. These allied health services fall under the NDIS “Capacity Building” support budget. We have a team of skilled health professionals who can support people with neurological conditions, intellectual disability, and mental illness.

Our philosophy is to provide person-centred care in a way that is mindful of the individual’s medical history, social context, lifestyle factors and health goals. It is our unique way of helping individuals with disability feel empowered to strive towards functional independence, wellbeing and a better quality of life. We also look beyond the person’s disability and consider their physical, mental and social dimensions of health.

Our team of health professionals often work collaboratively with each other to ensure that the person achieves their optimal health outcome based off their individual circumstances. A multi-disciplinary approach is highly recommended as the greatest way of supporting individuals with complex needs. We focus on setting clear goals among each team member involved in your care.

Our NDIS clients we currently work with have reported many health benefits to our treatment approach that include:

  • More confidence with every day activities
  • Being able to attend social events
  • Engaging in more sport throughout the week
  • Participate more freely in school activities
  • Increased awareness of healthy food choices

Some of the common health conditions that our allied health professionals can help treat include:

  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Autism
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputation
  • Down syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Amputees
  • Certain genetic conditions such as muscular dystrophy

If you have a current NDIS plan and would like to find out how our unique team of health professionals can help support your health journey, you can contact us on (02) 9709 2803. However, if you are living with a permanent disability and currently do not have an NDIS plan, our team of health professionals can help support you in accessing a plan. We are able to provide a detailed report to the NDIS that highlights the assessment results, and the recommended support you might need to help improve your health and wellbeing.

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