Telehealth: the unbelievable easy way to get physiotherapy advice

Online Physiotherapy and online Exercise Physiology: what to expect

Unfortunately, the COVID outbreak has forced many businesses to adapt and change how they work. Healthcare is no different in this situation. Luckily, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services can still be offered via telehealth. If you are wondering how, read on, this blog is for you!

How does telehealth treatment work?

A telehealth consultation is like a normal in person one, but done over the internet. Sounds weird right?

Have you ever been to an in-person consultation with a health professional? A lot of questions are to be asked initially. Well expect the same, the initial consultation will include a thorough history taking, and contrary to belief, a subjective history can allow us to create a pretty good picture of what is going on and causing your pain or in understanding your issue.  We will then create goals relevant to you and work with you towards achieving them.

Next, we move onto the objective part of the session. This is where we may ask you to perform specific movements/activities and then get you to report back on how it made you feel. For example, did bending forward make your pain better or worse? Are you able to lift your shoulder above your head, and if not, why? This will further help us to gain a better understanding of what you had mentioned initially in the subjective part of the consult.

Next involves the “treatment”. Now this will be wildly different for each individual case, but may involve being taught specific exercises to help with your current symptoms, specific techniques such as “nerve gliding” or ways to provide your own manual therapy with things such as a trigger ball.  We will make sure you are performing the specific technique/exercises correctly and give you guidance on how often to perform them. We will then work alongside you throughout your whole rehab process providing advice and guidance to achieve the goals you wish to achieve, whatever they may be.

So if you are at home due to being high risk to COVID or simply don’t feel comfortable coming into the clinic we are more than happy to see you via telehealth!

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