Top reasons why Aussie doctors are prescribing more exercise and less drugs that you must know

“Exercise is Medicine”, possibly a slogan you’ve seen or heard recently.

As more and more research is being done, more and more evidence has been seen that demonstrates exercise is in-fact medicine. Exercise has the ability to reduce the occurrence of developing many diseases or conditions, can assist with the treatment of symptoms for many diseases or conditions and even be used for pain management just like pain medication.

Exercise can even be ‘prescribed’

Just like a doctor gives you a prescription for medication, exercise can be prescribed as well. Certain exercises for certain conditions, performing the exercise a certain number of times per day or different ways to perform that exercise. These are all part of your exercise prescription which is made specifically for you, just as your doctor may prescribe you a certain painkiller to be taken a certain number of times.

Exercise to treat health conditions

When you exercise, a whole bunch of physiological changes are occurring within the body, instead of relying on medication to do these changes for you to elicit favourable outcomes, they can most definitely be achieved through exercising.

Exercise is also the cheapest and most accessible form of medication in existence. It costs the user nothing, it can be done almost anywhere and even with limited equipment.  Another great thing about exercise is that it has no negative side effects. Instead, it has positive side effects. You are exercising to help with your chronic pain? Well while you are doing this you are improving your heart health simultaneously.

Exercise Is Medicine Australia is a great source which is pushing for increased education of Doctors and health professionals nationally to promote the use of exercise to treat or assist with treating many health conditions. You can check out some fact sheets they have made for just a small number of diseases that exercise can assist with:

If you are suffering from any diseases, illnesses or injuries, try asking your doctor if exercise will benefit or do your own research on the topic! It probably will be of great benefit.

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