What do orthotics do? How do you know if you need orthotics?

What do orthodics do? How do you know if you need orthotics?

Many people come into our UniquePhysio clinic and complain of foot-related pain from conditions such as bunions, flat feet, neuromas & plantar fasciitis. In these scenarios, foot orthotics may be prescribed by your physiotherapist in order to assist with managing your pain, discomfort or fatigue. Orthotics are also an option for people suffering from low back and hip-related pain as it may correct any lower limb biomechanics that may be contributing to these injuries.

What do they do?

Foot orthotics may be recommended by our physiotherapists after performing a thorough evaluation and examination of your injury. The physiotherapist will consider the origin of the pain, your lower limb biomechanics, and the treatment plan in order to effectively address the specific problem.

Orthotics are utilised to potentially correct any muscular, tendinous, ligamentous or joint-related deficits that may be contributing to the problem. Thus, a wide array of orthotics are available depending on the material used and level of rigidity required to address your diagnosis and specific needs.

How do you know if you need orthotics?

Orthotics can be quite the investment so it is always recommended to consult with a health professional first before going down that route.

However, here are 5 common signs that might suggest orthotics being beneficial:

  1. Worn out shoes – if one side of your sole is more worn out than the other, it may suggest a biomechanical problem such as excessive pronation or supination.
  2. Worsening heel & foot pain – if you have ongoing pain that hasn’t improved with conventional methods e.g. manual therapy, cortisone injections etc.
  3. Chronic instability – if you have hypermobile feet that causes excessive movements e.g. rolling in & out.
  4. Previous lower limb injuries – if you have had recurrent injuries to your ankles, knees and hips.
  5. Foot-specific diseases e.g. Morton’s neuroma or diabetic foot.

If you have any questions about orthotics or would like to book in a consultation with one of our physiotherapists, please feel free to give us a call at (02) 9709 2803.

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