Looking for some glute activation? Here are 5 Exercises you can do without equipment to kick start your glutes

Exercises you can do at home to kick start your glutes

“Activate your glutes”, “Turn on your glutes”, “Squeeze your glutes”. This is just a snippet of things we may have heard somewhere along our rehabilitative or even fitness journey. So, what exactly are the glutes and why are they so important? The “glutes” or “gluteal muscles” are a set of 3 muscles situated at the backside of ones bottom. Not only do “good” glutes help your backside look better, they also play a pivotal role in daily tasks as they are a basis of stability for the hip and the trunk. Give these exercises a go.

Glute Bridge

The Glute Bridge is a great exercise for working the hamstrings (back of the leg) and bum muscles

Seated Clam

Seated clams will work the gluteus medius muscle

Hip Extensions

Now, these look deceptively easy, but I assure you after 10 or so you’ll definitely be feeling the burn!

Donkey Kicks

Don’t ask me who named this exercise, but here it is!

Crab walks

This exercise will definitely allow you to “feel the burn” in the hips !

Having strong gluteal muscles will benefit in being able to reduce low back pain or even be a preventative measure. Basically what I am trying to say here is that you should give these exercises a go, even if for the purpose of just wanting a better looking backside.

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