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Who is Hadi?

Hadi is a senior exercise physiologist working in Unique Physio Bankstown, a private practice setting. He has worked with individuals with various health conditions ranging from musculoskeletal problems to cardio-metabolic issues. Hadi has also had extensive experience in helping athletes from different sports improve their performance such as rugby league, soccer, track and field and netball. 

hadi exercise physiologist bankstown

Hadi has experience in sports trainer roles and coaching for AFL and rugby league teams.  

Hadi is patient, dedicated, soft-spoken and EXTREMELY disciplined. As a runner competing at a state competition level, he will train on the tracks 3 times per week, rain, hail or shine. He will strength train 3-4 times/ week and might double-up the two in a single day. The UniquePhysio team has witnessed him eating the same healthy meal for lunch everyday: a chicken, ham and veggie wrap, and surprisingly, with a smile on his face. However, he does switch it up for a chicken sandwich to spice it up. 

Hadi is the embodiment of the current physical activity and health guidelines.

He sets a great example for his team and his patients, showing us that it is actually possible to meet those guidelines + recommendations. This is because he firmly believes in the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle and so, preaches what he teaches.  

What is Hadi’s mission at work?

Being an athlete himself, Hadi was inspired to help other individuals improve their health after he embarked on his own journey of recovering from a chronic injury to chasing the heights of athletic performance. Hadi has personal experience of the physical and emotional turbulences of the rehabilitation journey and is willing to support others who are struggling with persistent pain. 

Hadi’s main mission with his clinical practice is to help support people live out their health goals/ best life despite the many health issues that they might be experiencing. 

Hadi also has a passion for mentoring other health professionals and allied health students to improve their clinical skillset. His mentees would describe him as “a mentor you can actually be friends with ”. 

What are some of Hadi’s interests?

Hadi played a variety of sports in high school including touch football, rugby league, and track and field. Hadi continued with track and field due to his passion for sprinting. Not only does he have a passion for sprinting, but he is interested in sports competition, due to the many challenges it can bring.  (Unlike normal people, Hadi enjoys being challenged) At the moment he is training regularly to improve his 400m time. His favourite training sessions are longer sprints that involve 300 and 350 metres due to the race strategy that is required to excel in it. Hadi’s favourite gym exercises are deadlifts and bench press.

Not only does he have a passion for sprinting, but he is interested in sports competition, due to the many challenges it can bring. 

Other interests that Hadi has is spending time outdoors and enjoying the natural world. He likes to go on beach swims and mountain hikes. Hadi also has an interest in reading with a great thirst to know more about psychology and exercise training. He is fascinated with how the brain works and its capacity to change through different experiences. We do not hesitate to say that Hadi is very passionate about his field of work and constantly tries to improve himself by keeping up to date with the latest research.

What are Hadi’s favourite moments in the clinic?

Hadi’s favourite moments in the clinic is when his clients are able to achieve an activity that they once thought was impossible or out of their reach. He likes to witness the feelings of excitement and relief that a client might experience when they exceed their own boundaries. Examples of this include when someone overcomes their fear of bending after hurting their lower back, or when an athlete is able to run again after an ACL injury.   

A few other moments include smelling his freshly made cup of tea before he takes a sip and when he abuses his power to intimidate the juniors when they don’t prepare for the mentoring sessions. (Although it doesn’t really work. Haha.) 

What is something that Hadi is currently working on/ improving on?

Hadi is exceptional with running (well, so he thinks), and would like to work on his ability to swim. 

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