Pilates Exercise – How it Helps Your General Health and Flexibility

Are you unhappy with your current workout routine and want to try something new? Are you trying to find a workout that will improve your overall body strength and flexibility? Try pilates exercises!

How does Pilates Help?

Pilates is a form of workout that mainly targets your ‘core’ (the muscles providing support to your back and trunk). The exercises involved are low-impact, with focus on recruiting the correct muscles, breathing control, and using slow, controlled movements.

Strengthening your core is beneficial for your overall general health as it improves your posture and the stability of your trunk. With a strong core, you are better protected from injuring or straining yourself when attempting daily activities (e.g. lifting heavy items, sitting for long periods) and less likely to develop conditions like low back pain.

In addition to your core, pilates incorporates your upper and lower limbs with stretches and exercises that work your joints through their available range of movement. This is also beneficial for your general health as it optimises your mobility and flexibility for tasks in your everyday life.

Pilates can also be used in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions, injuries or surgeries. This is known as Clinical Pilates, which differs slightly to general Pilates as it is tailored towards the individual’s specific condition and physical needs. A physiotherapist or an exercise physiologist will typically also provide guidance on which exercises are best to do and how to perform them.

What do I need for Pilates?

Pilates can be performed simply with a gym mat and some space at home, or with Pilates equipment if you have access (e.g. Pilates reformer). A health professional (exercise physiologist or physiotherapist) is also recommended to help step you through your program.

Thinking about Pilates but you’re not sure? Get in touch with our team and we can help determine if Pilates is for you. We are also well-equipped with Pilates equipment, including reformers, to help kickstart your journey.

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