Why it is important to speak to health professionals during and after your pregnancy

Pre and post natal professional advice

During one’s pregnancy, the body goes through massive amounts of change. You may gain weight, you may have pain in areas you’ve never had pain before, your mood and energy levels may fluctuate. The list goes on.

Physiotherapists can play a key role in your and your baby’s health journey.

Staying in contact with a health professional throughout your pregnancy will allow you to voice your concerns and receive advice, education and treatment for the smoothest possible experience – and the best future for your child’s and your health.

What are some things that you can do during your pregnancy which will provide benefit and how can Unique Physio help?

Staying active is a huge benefit during one’s pregnancy. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean to enrol in a marathon and try to set a record time.  Instead we are talking about things such as Pilates, pelvic floor training, aerobic exercise and light-weight training which can be safely prescribed for you here at Unique Physio. 

Performing regular exercise reduces the risk of things such as ante-natal and post-natal depression, helps manage weight gain and blood pressure during pregnancy and reduces the risk of developing gestational diabetes (pregnancy diabetes). Staying active can also assist with reducing likelihood of hip and back pain, as well as condition the body to be ready for all the picking up and putting down of the new baby to come.

If you are feeling tight or sore, our Physiotherapist’s can also provide pregnancy massage!

Are you thinking of falling pregnant soon? Or if you have already had a baby, which type of health professionals did you stay in contact with throughout? Were there any complications or concerns you may have had during your last pregnancy?

If you are pregnant or a new mum, please feel welcome to book a free initial assessment.

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