The top 5 tips or exercises to do if you are working from home to reduce pain and stiffness

5 Top Tips and exercises to do if you are working from home to reduce pain and stiffness

This year, many people have made the transition to working from home.

At home, unlike our work offices, we may not have available ergonomic chairs, height adjustable  desks or actually find ourselves sitting behind our desks for longer periods of time than before.

Do you have any aches, niggles or stiffness by the end of your work week?

If you do, give these tips or exercises a go!

1.       Standing

 When we sit for an extended period of time, the likelihood of muscle fatigue increases. As we sit, muscles are constantly being activated to hold us in place. When the endurance of our muscles is exceeded, tightness, stiffness and pain are all signs that something isn’t right. Instead of staying seated all day, how about trying to eat your lunch standing, taking work related phone calls while standing or even walking. Switching between the sitting and standing position regularly allows the muscles responsible for our posture while sitting to have a rest and recover. Other tips include even going for a walk on your lunch break, or regularly standing and stretching every 60 or so minutes for just a few minutes at a time.

2.       Making sure your mouse, keyboard and monitor are in the right positions

Making sure your tools required for work are in the right position has a huge impact on how your body will feel after a full day at work. Try to have your monitor viewable with your neck in a neutral position (meaning your chin is not pointing towards the ground or up towards the ceiling). Having your keyboard and mouse reachable with your elbows beside your body is also of great importance.

3.       Neck stretches

Try incorporating these neck stretches every 1-2 hours throughout your day. Hold the position for approximately 30 seconds. These neck stretches will help to mitigate any stiffness or tightness you may experience at the end of your day. Perform the side neck stretch on both sides. 

4.       Postural correction

While sitting at your desk, try to maintain a neutral spine. Do not hunch over forward. Keep your shoulders wide and do not let them roll inwards. Keep your neck neutral, with your chin pointing directly forward in front of you. 

5.       Postural muscle strengthening

Try this exercise. It is called Theraband row. This exercise utilises the muscles of the mid back which play an important role in maintaining our posture when we sit at a desk and use a computer. You will need a theraband/resistance band which can be bought from most sports stores or from us here at Unique Physio.

Are you currently working from home and experiencing any back, neck or shoulder pain you have never had before?

Please consider booking a convenient telehealth appointment, we’ve had lots of fun using video chats recently. They are a great way to check out your home workstation and discuss your desk posture, and your home exercise equipment! 

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